In this video I teach you how to create a telegram bot without programming and buying servers. We just use a cloudflare worker to answer users based on contents of a database channel.

Serverless Telegram Bot With Database Channel


  • create an account in Don’t worry it’s free.
  • Go to your dashboard in cloudflare > Workers & Pages > Create application > Create Worker > choose any name and click on Deploy
  • Click on Edit code
  • Delete the default codes and paste my codes from this file instead
  • Create a new bot in telegram via @BotFather. Get the HTTP API from BotFather and paste it in TOKEN value of worker’s code.
  • Create a database channel for yourself and make your bot an admin of it. Put the channel’s username with beginning @ in the databaseChannel value of the worker’s code.
  • Write some random text made up from letters and numbers in the SECRET value of worker’s code. this secret’s job is to make your bot safe.
  • Finally edit the commands in worker’s code like the given template. commands can be with or without slashes and in any language. In front of each command write a number which is the message Id of the response in your database channel. (If you don’t know Id of a message you can simply copy the link of message and the check it, the last number after slash is the message Id)
  • If it’s the first time that you are running the bot add registerWebhook to the end of worker address and click on send. after that point, every time that you decide to edit commands a simple Save and Deploy will be sufficient.

My video guide in youtube