If you’ve ever tried to insert multiple images in an excel file you know that excel’s default method isn’t very practical. Instead I present my vba method so you’ll be able to add as many files as you want.


  1. create a macro-enabled file with .xlsm extension
  2. put all your images in a folder called png beside the main excel file
  3. create a module and write this vba code in it:
    Sub open_hyperlink()
     extension = "png"
     folder = extension
     Path = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & folder & "\" & ActiveCell.Value & "." & extension
     If Dir(Path) <> "" Then
         ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink (Path)
     End If
    End Sub
  4. you can set a keyboard shortcut to make it easier e.g. ctrl + h

You can do the same thing with any format that you want, the only needed thing is to use your desired format instead of png in the above steps.

video guide in youtube