No one actually knows what the hell they’re doing. Everyone is just working off their current best guess.

Everything in this world has a probability. If I wait to become certain about everything, I can decide about nothing. The key is to be constantly moving based on my current best guess, while constantly reevaluating possibilities and probabilities on the move.


Plan A & B

  • Choose a very simple, obvious, immature plan A.
  • At the same time move by plan A and work on a more complicated, delicate, time-consuming plan B.
  • When plan B became good enough, make it the new plan A and repeat by devising a new plan B.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock's no. 5

Life is a Jackson Pollock’s painting. It’s a mess. An ocean of randomness, information, chances, choices, opportunities, threats, costs, benefits, possibilites, probabilities, thoughts, connections, experiences, paradoxes, complexities, … all woven together.

When I understand this I see the bigger picture and don’t get obsessed with tiny details. Despite all of the complexities and excuses, big picture, what we have to do and what we can actually do is very simple.

This complexity brings a huge mass of uncertainty that can paralize the perfectionist mind, although these countermeasures come to my mind: