1.Non-Zero Effort

Any effort in any random direction is much better than doing nothing.

Diff between 121 and 120 mins is nothing, diff between 1’ and 0’ is everything.

2.Minimum Viable Product

3.Good Enough

To become great, I should become good first.

good enough 1

good enough 2


We have to choose what is worth optimizing.

Whole Maximalist

If I’m gonna be a perfectionist and maximize things I should do it in all directions that matter at the same time. It includes hobbies, relaxation, peace, etc. sth like Fifa players hexagon


No matter how much I can stretch, in the end I have a limited rope. The challenge is to maximize the area.

4. perfection

Sacrifice 1 perfect to get 4 good-enoughs.

Perfection is almost always impossible and must be avoided. I might never reach the step 7 of my full free weekday plan. I might rest many times in my work days and I might work in many of my free days. There are always many exceptions and many times that I will break my own laws and principles. 100% sure that I can’t accomplish any plan 100% successful but 90% sure I can do them 90%. I can’t define exact absolute paths but I can take a star as my compass and follow the generic path.

This also means I can be open to changes and no need to bo so rigid. e.g. it may be called Free Fridays but I can switch it back and forth with other days as much as possible depending on the situations.

How to paralyze an obsessive? Tell him to grab 20 apples from refrigerator while you know there are 19 or 21 of them.