At the same time:

  1. Try to become more bulletproof to resist heavier bullets
  2. Try to doge and evade more bullets

  1. Learn to stay strong even when no dopamine is discharged in my body.
  2. Learn to increase general level of my body dopamine.

  1. Try to buy more free time for myself.
  2. Try to use the best out of my current available free time.

  1. Try to use all my current knowledge in real action.
  2. Increase my knowledge.

  1. Try to be my best.
  2. Try not to shame and punish myself when I’m not my best.

  1. Do my best effort in obvious hard path.
  2. Do my best to discover and seize obscure, creative, shortcut paths.

  1. Try to find joy in most painful situations.
  2. Try to minimize encounter with painful events.

  1. Use all my time in single tasking and don’t let it to be wasted.
  2. Turn single taskings to multitaskings.

  1. Use my limited smartly on most important priorities.
  2. Increase general level of my energy.

  1. Increase my capacity to fight.
  2. Turn fights into plays.

  1. Continue to fight under higher levels of pressure, stress and distraction.
  2. Provide circumstances with lower pressure, stress and distraction for myself.

  1. Save more time percentage in every activity, big or small.
  2. Optimize big time consuming activities first.

  1. Gain skill and knowledge and create value.
  2. Find people with those qualities and hire them.